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The beauty of being an outdoor photographer in enchanting bluebell woods 💙💜

british bluebell close up

Wordsworth praised the daffodils and good on him, they are a delightful bunch. What's not to love about their bright happy heads, subtle perfume and the timing of their arrival. Heralds of spring.

Yes, early spring is very exciting. The days are getting longer and it's a little less freezing for the first time in six months.

But when the bluebells bloom... oh!

Bluebells are enchanting fairies who live in pretty glens and woods. They seek shelter and peacefulness in the shade of gigantic trees. They don't want you to find them, they are secretive and elusive. They gather in great crowds and thrive in the forgotten places. Their beauty is unmatched, as is their sweet scent. Others try to be like them such as their showy cousin Hyacinth who wears too much perfume. Bluebells are subtle and gentle and have the power to settle.

british bluebell closeup

Are they blue, or are they purple? Their appearance is on a spectrum. Their true colours are often misunderstood by cameras, screens and human eyes. It matters not, they are beauty and grace, living carefree and wild. It is quite impossible to walk among them without stopping a while and take a deep breath and be amazed, be moved, be humbled.

bluebell wood

Bluebells are popular with outdoor photographers for a very good reason- the images they yield are colourful and delightful. But it's important to care for and respect the fairies.

There's always a path or a bare patch of ground to use, so no need to crush the flowers. With the use of the right lens and some calculated angles, your photographer can make it look like you are sitting in amongst the bluebells, when in fact you're just in some dirt under a tree.

family photoshoot in a bluebell wood

family photoshoot in a bluebell wood

family photoshoot in a bluebell wood

🌳 SIDE NOTE! Have you spotted that it's the same tree in all these photos? 🌳

There are usually logs, fallen branches etc.. big enough to use as a seat, which can firmly withstand being sat on, so sit on them!

family photoshoot in a bluebell wood

Finally, you don't even have to be IN the flowers to have them in your background. From a further distance the carpet becomes a blur of blue (or is it violet/indigo/purple to you?)

family photoshoot in a bluebell wood

You could ask me where these photos were taken, but half the magic of bluebells is happening upon them by chance. So go find your own bluebells. Explore far, wide and often. Take your children with you. Turn them into little woodland creatures for half a day or a whole day or a week. Love your area and look after it. There's so much beauty in nature, and it's there for everyone.

The top three photos without my logo are downloadable - enjoy! If you've liked reading this, and want to hear more from me, subscribe to my newsletter HERE

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