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!New! Studio photoshoots

I recently acquired the chance to lease a room in Goyt Mill (Marple) to grow a new branch of my photography business. I share the space with three other female business owners so I am finding it a very exciting new venture. 

I had a lot of ideas on how to use my new photography studio, just floating round and round in my head. Firstly, and simply, I really love to create rich and punchy family photos or arty portraits against the plain dark background. I have extended this idea to school children, particularly when there are siblings attending different schools, or cousins, or school besties.

Also friendship groups coming in for their "album cover" photoshoot. 

Right now I'm working on enchanted summer fairy images with a green backdrop, and some real stumps and plants. 

At Christmas time, the space is taken over by sparkle and magic. Last year it was a fantasy theme with a watercolour backdrop of a winter forest, fluffy fake snow on the floor and lots of glitter. 

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