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Nice to meet you

Hello! Welcome to my website and thank you for finding me. 

I'm Aurelie, the photographer at Little Toad Photography. 

My first name is french, as was I once upon time (it's a long story).

It is pronounced O-re-lee and comes from Latin meaning "golden one"


The story behind my photography business is not unusual these days.

In 2009, when my eldest was still a baby, I decided to try something new.

I took a basic course in DSLR photography and found to my surprise that it came easily to me.


This gave way to my new addiction: portraits. But especially family photos.

Over the following two years I trained, practised, researched and studied in my spare time.  It all revolved around my son. Meanwhile, his little sister was growing in my belly.


When I felt that I had mastered enough techniques and developed my style, I took a scary and thrilling step into the world as a small (tiny) business. 


image courtesy of Kristy Ressel Photography

My children have given me everything I needed to build Little Toad Photography:

The patience to wait for something wonderful to happen before clicking the shutter, the joy of finding beauty absolutely everywhere, the love they share for each other that I see and capture daily, and the desire to produce all of this for the people who hire me to take their family photos.

family photographer
family photos

I am based in Marple (Stockport) and specialise in family photoshoots outdoors or at home, and arty studio portraits. I believe in simple pricing that's affordable to you, but also fair to my industry - see my price list for more details on that. 

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